Friday, March 2, 2012

Nature's Charm FPK :)

Hi Friends!
Front Porch Kits Sneak Peeks are HERE!:)
Here is just a little bit of what you will see completely on Monday March 5th
Front Porch Kit Release: Nature's Charm!
I'm beyond excited about this kit!!! No Joke..
The Design Team has done an AMAZING job on the gallery projects from this kit! The best gallery I think we have ever had in Front Porch Kit History!!! Its so inspiring and I just might have to break down and buy 1 kit for the fab 6 Blue Print Projects.. then 2 more for all the other gallery project that I wanna try out!!! :)
Its that good ladies

This is a sneak of Jaclyn Hatcher's Blog
 I love those birds!!!
Is that Burlap in the Background???...hhmm... ;)

Here is another sneak of the kit...
I just love love love all the colors in this kit!!!
What is that grassy lookin' stufff.????...
on that burlap lookin' square???
(I know that's what you are thinking too!!)

Well their is lots more to come on our Sneekers so make sure you keep checkin my blog along with the LBH Blog:
where you can also find all of our designer blogs to see what their sneak peeks are everyday till Monday!!!


March is National Craft Month!!!
I'm trying my best to make it a very crafty month for me!! I want to accomplish some crafty goals that I have... I will be sharing them through out the month soo look out for some fun crafty messes coming your way!! :)

I encourage you to do the same... I have a few friends that are trying to do something creative everyday.. or complete something big in the month of march.. even just making time for yourself and doing what you want to do for change :) Make it your Month for YOU!! :)

Keep Calm and Craft On,
Kristyn :)

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  1. it's already the 4th and since I've been traveling, I haven't done ONE single craft project -boo! LOVE THE SNEAKS THOUGH!!