Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its All About The Little Blue House

Hi Friends!!!
Well today is a very Special blog post for me and my LBH peeps! We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary of The Little Blue House!! :) It brings me so much joy to know that we have been open for a year now! It went by so fast!!! I have enjoy working at the LBH so much! Its a pleasure to work with my mom Tracy,Susan,Elaine and Rhonda everyday! We work so well together and have so much fun along the way! I can't get enough of all the wonderful customer we have at the LBH. Not only are they customers but they're our friends! We have created a "Blue House Bond" with everyone and its so wonderful to see their smiling faces everytime they come in to the house! :) I want to thank everyone who has shopped,cropped,or created at The Little Blue House over the past year. We love you all and hope you will join us for another year and many more to come at The Little Blue House! :)
this picture was taking a few days before we opened! We have just recieved our brand new sign!
This was our sneak peak of The Little Blue House
before we had told our customers what we were up to :)
Oh and if you cant tell who this is... well its my mom!! The most amazing mom of them all!! She has done such a great job as the owner of the LBH! She works so hard everyday to live out her passion of creating!!! I'm so proud of her and so honored to be her daughter!
I love you mom! :)
Kristyn :)