Friday, June 15, 2012

UNT Frame and More! :)

Hey Everyone!!
I hope you are having a great start to your summer!! :)
I'm enjoying taking my last class at my community college this summer!! YAY!!
Looking forward to starting at University of North Texas
next semester!
 I went to a UNT Preview Day, its a special day they open to incoming freshman and transfer students like me :) to check out the campus, meet with people in the field your interested in majoring in, listen to lots of speakers about different organizations you can be a part of, and all that kinda stuff.
So I was sitting there listening to the head football coach talk about how good their team is going to be next year lol and all that and than the cheerleaders did a cheer with the mascot.

The introduced the mascot...... SCRAPPY the EAGLE!!!
So I know I was the only 21 year old student there that thought this was funny. So I laughed to myself and sent my mom a text and said So its meant to be that I go to school here. The mascot's name is Scrappy! She loved it of course and now we have to make a scrapbook layout with me and scrappy someday lol.

Anyway, So I wanted to share with yall what I made for my future apartment someday... Floating Frame!

My mom has made these before and I have been dieing to make one! I had an idea to do "UNT" for my future apartment!
Surface: 5x7 Wood Frame
  Papers: from LillyBeeDesigns- Victoria Park Collection
Embellishments: Green Buttons, Green & White Beads,
Black Paint, Black Ink Pad, Paint Brushes, Mod Podge,
Glossy Accents, and Letter Templates
(chunky chipboard letters or just a chunky font print off
from the computer)

here is a close up on the letters.

Steps to the Floating Frame
1. Paint your Frame and let it dry
2. Cut your papers 2 inch strips, then figure out what sizes you want by placing your strips on the fame before you cut them again.
3. Ink the edges of your papers, then place them where you want on your frame.
3. Mod Podge your papers on to the frame. Always mod podge the back of your papers first and place it on the frame. Let it sit and completely dry before you mod podge over the top of the papers. (This will help you not to have bubbles on the papers.)
4. Set your frame aside for now, and start working on your letters. Grab your glass from your frame and your letter templates.
Let your letter templates behind the glass and make sure you like where you place them.
5. Grab your Glossy Accents and start coloring in where you letter is showing on to the glass. I would glue in small patches, so your glossy accents doesn't dry up before you get to it. Have your buttons and beads ready! I used my buttons first and placed them where I wanted, then add the beads in the empty spots. Repeat this till all letters are full.
6. Let your letters dry on the glass before you put it in the frame. 
7. Put your glass back in the frame and look at your beautiful floating frame you just made!!!
After I finished my mind was racing over all the things I could do!!
My next frame is going to "Mickey" related :)

Im hoping for this to be me in 2 years :)
But I'm happy to say its my older sister, Rachel. She graduated in May from UNT!
She went to school to be a Elementary School Teacher, which fits her perfectly. I'm so proud of her and can't wait to decorate her classroom :) hehe!

Till next time...
Kristyn :)