Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hooked on Retreats :)

Hi Everyone!I feel like I have lost track of this blogging thing! This summer has been so busy for me! Its finally settling down a little bit and the sad thing is its a lot over :( I feel so refreshed for the stress of life and I think it because of my LBH Retreat that I just finished up. It was Monday-Wednesday up the road in Roanoke. I had never done a retreat before and it was such a blast! All of the LBH girls were there...we had some many great laughs, new lingo, and memories to share. The house was the most beautiful house and I love Roanoke and all their yummy food and the environment is lovely.It was such a good time for all us to relax and enjoy creating with friends and remember why we love what we do so much! We had meetings about what is to come for the upcoming holidays and I can't wait! I'm so blessed to have such a great LBH family and the best mom/boss ever!! :)

The Cottage is over 100 years old and is filled with charming character (the kind you don't see much of anymore). Mary, the owner, has done an outstanding job of making us feel so welcome and right at home! Its in Roanoke (10 mins up the road from the LBH) but I felt like I was still "away" from home.

We opted to bring our own food but Mary will feed you some yummy meals if you prefer that option. The Cottage is located right in the heart of the up & coming Old Town district of Roanoke and there are several great restaurants all within walking distance (such as Babe's, Twisted Root, Mi Familia, Tortilla Flats, and even a German Restaurant)...and lots of unique boutiques, book store/coffee shop called the Book Carriage ( my favorite store to go in!!), candy store, etc. if you're in the mood for that kind of thing!

The Bedrooms all have twin beds and your own little personal basket filled with fluffy towel/cloth and ...hee hee...ear plugs! Just in case somebody in the group happens to snore(Oh,Susan!)There is even a massage table set up upstairs for anyone that wants to set up an appt. for a massage in the midst of all that major crafting and scrapping that you will be doing during your stay here. We didn't spend too much time sleeping :) It was all about catching up on some old 70s jams and creating till we could create anymore :)

So If anyone is looking for a great place to retreat off to Oak Street Cottage is the place to go! Plus all Retreaters get 15% off their product at the LBH during their retreat time. :)