Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!! I love having all of my family together, and getting to relax and enjoy each others company! I have a very big family and it gets harder and harder to see everyone at the same time now that we are all get older. It seems like every year gets busier and busier, but its important to slow down and remember all of our many blessings.

I'm thankfull for... my health,my family,my job, The Little Blue House, my school, and my life!!

With the holidays just around the corner, its hard to think that our family will be missing someone very special, but I hope she is cooking some yummy food and playing skipbo, like we did on thanksgiving day.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! I hope you have a very happy thanksgiving and slow down and enjoy every single bit :)

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