Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Get it Together" Organizing with Style: Ribbon

I'm so excited to start up our organization blog posts this week!! Its a great way to start off 2011 especially for me! Some how I have become so unorganized with all my stuff... not just my craft supplies but everything!! So I'm ready to get myself together and I hope you will follow along with us too.

Week 1: Ribbon

I'm really glad we started with ribbon, I think its a fun thing to organize because ribbons are so pretty but are also easier to get under control ((for most people))
My stash of ribbon is not the largest so I keep mine in big zip lock baggies by color...but thats really not the best way to do it. For me, I have to keep my stuff where I can store it easily and not take up alot of space... so this is what will work best for me... PHOTO BOXES!

This is great because its has a lid and you can just put it away when needed and its also nice because you can really see what you have and what colors and prints you have more and less of. I will be changing over to the photo boxes super soon :)

Here are some other great ways to organize your ribbon....

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Have a great week!!! Stay Warm!! :)
Kriss :)


  1. Great post! Let's work on some of our ribbon piles together this week...sound good??

  2. I have some of my own organizational issues and your ribbon suggestions are just perfect. Thank you. Look at my mess:

  3. I will be getting mine together all my supplies

  4. After doing this post I went to Michaels this morning and got some photo boxes (Buy one get one free right now too) and did all my ribbon! It feels so good to get a project finished! I was all ready to start on my mom's ribbon but didn't get to it all today!

    Cheryl, your mess looks very familiar to mine! No worries you will have to looking great in no time! :) Check out the blog every week for the next 8 weeks we are choicing a different product to get organized (ribbon,paper,inks,dies,everything else you can think of!) and I will have a follow up on here about it too!