Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreams really do come True!!!

September 23, 2010 is a very special day for someone very special to me. Today is the day my mom, Tracy Pounds’ studio opens!! I can’t even describe how happy I am for her! I can’t remember a time in my life when she wasn’t being crafty! She has always been in to something! She has always dreamt of having her own little shop to create in. Now this is all coming true! She has worked so hard and never lost site of her dreams! So, today at 4:00pm The Little Blue House: home of create joy workshops will be opened!!! Come see all the great projects the Little Blue House gals have put together and something very special that you can’t find anywhere but the Little Blue House! Come see all the new products and most of all the beautiful house that is now our home! Can’t wait to see you there!!!


  1. Good things happen to good people, and your mom truly deserves the success she is about to experience at her little blue house. Kristyn, remember this day and be sure to always follow your own dreams. Love YOU!

  2. Kristyn - it's makes my heart smile to see how proud & how much you love your mom! You're living proof of the fine example she has set. You're on your way to a fantastic life & continue to follow your mom's example by fulfilling your own dreams! Luv ya lots!

  3. What a cute post!

    I can't wait to hang out more with you and your mom at the LBH! You two are very special peeps.